“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Hello happy Sunday – if you are reading this on Sunday. It’s a beautiful morning where I am; the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds are singing in the garden – maybe speaking, but it’s a wonderful sound. You know days like this make it easier to be optimistic, but I want to talk about less bright days, tougher times and challenging periods of our lives.

I recall a period of darkness when things where so muddled mentally and emotionally that I couldn’t even describe it. My best friend would be like ‘how are you?’ And all I could do was make this sound like ‘Pfffffffffzzzzzgghhhhtttt’ and the most frustrated face. And she just knew then that I was about to cry, because I felt trapped.

The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about not thinking. Basically, about doing. Turning your thoughts into actions without excessive thinking. I admit I am a overthinker, it’s what I do, but its crazy to me that I get so frustrated about the same things I was frustrated about in 2010. How do you justify inaction on ideas you’ve had for over 5 years? I mean something has got to give right? Clearly there is an issue with your method that is affecting your results.

The only thing I knew for a fact regarding my desires, was that I over-think and I over-plan. So this month, when November came round, I made a choice – let me say it again for the people skimming through; I MADE A CHOICE to stop thinking and start doing. I threw out planning and focused on doing – literally making a way through making a way. I said what do I want? And decided to have it. Why am I not happy? What would make me happy? Things like:

  • I need to be fitter physically
  •  I need to value those that value me
  • I need more sleep so that I feel less tired and get more done in the day
  • Girlllll I need to get this natural hair in check!
  • I need to define what success is for me and how to achieve it

So here is what I CHOSE to do:

  1. I signed up to the gym.
  2. I removed anyone anything that did not add VALUE to my life.
  3. I went to bed before midnight.
  4. I started to separate the front area of my crown for moisturising, washing, everything (because I have experienced breakage here)
  5.  I became INTENTIONAL about my success.

For every thought I have now, I try to match it with an action. It could be something as simple as saying ‘I want to be a better friend’, so I pick up my phone and call my girl. Or I pick up something in the shop that she would like. You don’t need to wait for 2018 to start working on what you want, from life and mostly from yourself.

You are a star baby girl/baby boy. This is your world and you have the power to make it what you want. So what resolutions do you have for 2018 that you could start working on right now? What choice are you making about your life today? Share with me in the comments, let’s glow up together and step into next year shining like the diamonds we are.

Love and light x MC





If I could title this period of my life, I would probably call it ‘Transition’

African print chitenge suit designed by me| Handmade in Zambia| Preorder here.

“Ever since the hurricane, nothing’s been the same.”

Everything is changing, the weather is going through autumn changes, the trees are shedding their golden leaves, the nights are longer and darker. Within me I feel a change too. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, I think it was probably just a build up of recurring events that got me really frustrated. And I had to question it you know, what could be causing so much frustration in my life? Constantly have me battling feelings of inadequacy and insufficiency?

I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t want to fight myself anymore. I want to be kind and patient with myself and my journey. I’ve decided to detach from what it should be in my mind, from the same ideas I’ve had for so long of who and how I should be, and instead embrace who I am right now and what I have. You know? I don’t care at all about sacrificing my happiness for the sake of a future I can’t see, I deserve to live the life I want right now.

This is the thing about balance – you have to think of how your actions will impact your future, but not be afraid to live your life to the full in the present moment. But fear drives so much of society and the frameworks that hold us to the same monotonous life cycles that have got us so trapped, that we barely think about our purpose here on earth before our deathbeds. I probably have been living in fear for a long time, it’s strange because sometimes fear merges into normality and when something is ‘normal’ you are almost forced to accept it, right? Well no.

I reached a point where it wasn’t making any sense to me, things that seemed to be working for other people were just not sufficient for me, I wasn’t experiencing the same results and I really started to hate it, everything. I found it a cursing to have a dream that I could not live, to carry a vision that I never had the chance to work on and it really got me down.

In this life, we decide our own happiness, we pave our own paths and choose what we want to believe. The 50/50 thing, I have tried it and it doesn’t really work for me. It’s like this:

My iPhone has a code on it, and I was prompted to change it the other day. I woke up today and tried entering my old passcode to unlock the phone but it didn’t work, so I tried it again, and again and again. After about the fifth time, I realised that there was something wrong with the code – not with me, not with my fingers, not with my phone but simply that the code I was entering was incorrect. Then I realised that I had changed the code and remembered the correct one.

It sounds silly but I wonder how much of that I do in my life. You know? With other aspects of my life where I try the same thing again and again and again, and I blame myself when it doesn’t work. I say ‘ohh Metiya you are inconsistent, you are uncommitted, you are unwilling to put in the work or not good enough’ and that is all so wrong!

I am good enough. I am enough. I can do it.

But perhaps my method is the issue, not me, but the method in which I am trying to resolve my work.

This transition for me is into finally living by my own rules. Not doing things because that is what is expected of me or because of other people, or society’s unspoken rules. But just going for it, because its what I want to do. Because it will bring me peace, and ultimately because its what I was made to do, my purpose.

I hope we find the wisdom to recognise life’s short span, and the courage to live out our dreams as though we have no other choice. I remind you once again, that everything you have been through up to this point has been to prepare you for you the next chapter of your life. But now its up to YOU to bundle up all your wisdom & experience and decide that you are ready to walk into your next chapter, without fear of how it will end.

Love and light. Always x MC




Running 🏃🏿 

Running 🏃🏿 

[Photography by Chip. Words by Metiya]

I wanna feel more and think less

But every time I feel

As I’m about to lose myself in the feeling

My mind gets involved and wants to lead the party

If I felt and believed

I wouldn’t have gone back in 2015

I’ve been telling myself the same thing for over ten years

But I don’t know who I’m trying to convince

I guess you if it isn’t me

Got shook up when I looked at the clock

It tick tocks my mediocre spend

How has it became normal

To be normal

Late night phone calls to distract me from the screams

Imaginary plans to keep me from the truth

You will you won’t – I don’t really care

I just thought for once maybe we could do this together,

Ride out the fears that catch me mid sleep

That turn pillows wet every night and force me to count sheep

How am I gonna do this? I don’t know

But how can I not, that’s the scary question

All I ever wanted to do was dream

All they ever made me do was run

I’ve been running so long

It seems the time is never right

It seems the route never comes to an end

And I’m tired of running

I don’t want to run anymore

I’ve run your hills and through your valleys 

Over the mountains and in the the mazes 

Run this way and run that way 

Running so long it makes no sense 

I’m running myself out of my mind 

I’m running myself out of excuses 

I’m running myself out of myself 

And I’m tired of running. 


It’s not you, it’s me.

No really, all me

I allowed fear to trap me in your tracks

I realise it’s not you, it’s me

I made a promise to myself long ago

That I cannot outrun nor forget

I need only me to make it happen.


He called you a distraction and I didn’t understand it

You were never meant to be the main, only something on the side

Less central and more peripheral

But I can’t blame you

for giving up on myself.

I ran so long for others

And not enough for me

I never should have bought it

Never thought I had bought it

But I should have been more careful.

I guess I’ll take one more run

And I don’t mind if you don’t come along

In fact it’s better if you stay

I’m doing it for me this time.





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Golden rays of sunshine against my skin on the golden sands of Faro beach. I wear my golden crown under a golden sun because I am royalty. My melanin is golden, and my blackness is magic. I am an African queen.

This Black History Month I want to celebrate everything that comes with being black. I want to remind you that you are magic just the way you are. So I am sharing words that uplift all month. From your curly, kinky afro hair to your brown toes and everything in between – you are beautiful. Your wide nose and your wide hips are gifts reminiscent of your ancestors, who birthed a species. Hold your head in pride when you walk down the street, remember you are golden and royalty runs in your veins. Reconnect with that power within and remember your value. You are the result of unremitting resilience, remarkable determination and persistent effort.

So there is NOTHING you cannot do. Limitations are just illusions sold to us by those who do not understand the power within. And despite what the circumstances might look like, you will overcome because success runs through your veins.

Have an amazing week and remember that you are golden! Love and light x MC

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 Be fearless in all you do.

Happy Birthday to me and all the other September babies celebrating life this month. Here is a piece I wrote for the next chapter:


Of what was, what is and what will be. To stay still, be still and experience the present, live in the moment. Appreciate the now, the state, the surroundings, the souls around me.

Accepting all of me, those parts I thought I had to change- accepting them, my flaws- accepting them, my weaknesses – accepting that. My failures- accepting them.

Setting myself free.

Elevating my mind.

Accepting responsibility for everything – MY future, MY vision, MY passion, MY energy, MY happiness, MY dreams.

Validity. For me, from me.

Knowing that I might fall a hundred times over but believing I will rise a thousand times more.

Feeding the light, choosing the light. Desire, Passion and Purpose.

A Risen Queen

Fearlessly steps,

Into the rest of 2017.

Love, light and growth X MC


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