Metiya Ikowa is a natural hair blogger and business owner. She studied the science of black hair and skin at the Centre for Skin Sciences UK. She then worked for L’Oréal in London, supporting their first professional brand to cater to afro hair before moving into financial services and starting her own black haircare business. Metiya has spent her career volunteering in corporate diversity and inclusion as a welfare officer at L’Oréal and then as a member of the ACN and MIND networks at KPMG, through this, she has learnt the importance of investing in diversity and inclusion and now uses her experience in corporate Britain to delivers talks and workshops on the education of black hair.

The subject of hair unites all races and ethnicities and it’s important to ensure that we drive awareness and understanding to create inclusive corporate environments and tackle unconscious bias. When tackling unconscious bias, even the smallest differences can cause a major barrier to employees’ sense of belonging and a truly inclusive culture. By investing in these workshops for your organization – you create an element of trust where employees see that your organization is truly invested in inclusion and values diversity.

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