George Foreman 25820 Fit Grill


Non-Stick Fit Grill

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George foreman 25820 fit grill comes in a large size with a non stick coating and speedy heat up. The large fit grill comes in a shiny black with matt finishes. Its Bevelled Upper Housing will make a statement on your kitchen counter. You can cook your favourite dishes, quicker than ever. From switch on to plate in under 6 minutes versus conventional electric oven grill set at 230 degrees. It is 2 x easier to clean versus your conventional electric oven, and clean in 1 wipe with a paper towel while plates are still hot. With George Foreman’s Clip-in Drip Tray, you can sit back and know the excess fat and other residue is collected for you, in one convenient place that can be easily cleaned.


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