Purpose Journal – You Are Enough


A handwritten guide to remind you of your power, to help you recognise your gifts and grow into your God-given purpose.Ā  This journal containsĀ 63 pages and 12 chapters, each chapter has:

  • A prologue
  • An uplifting affirmation
  • Action points for the month
  • An encouraging scripture
  • Thoughtful Month-end Reflection
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Welcome to your purpose journal. This journal is your space to reflect, grow and ultimately succeed in life’s greatest aim, finding and living in your purpose.

This journal is for you if you ever questioned the reason for your existence, what you contribute to the world, or where your life is going.

It reminds you to practice thoughtful reflection, helping you look at yourself with kindness and compassion, removing the heavy societal pressures we put on ourselves and letting go of comparison to immerse yourself in your journey extensively.

Its main objective is to recognise the purpose and value that every experience has served and honour the present moment with gratitude and the belief that it adds value to your life. So that from the moment you begin this book through to the end, you understand and believe the message locked in life’s purpose: that you are enough.

  • This book contains 63 pages
  • You can use the files with iBooks, Kindle, GoodNotes, Adobe Acrobat, or any other e-Pub reader app on your phone/iPad/Tablet
  • This downloadable journal is also available to print and bind at your leisure. This download is designed to fit standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper. Set your printer to scale at 100% and print in portrait mode.


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