WinHux Extra Long Reach Extendable Duster


Extendable Duster

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WinHux Extra Long Reach Extendable Duster has an extra long handle that extends from 1.64 to 3.47 metres (11+ feet) and any length in between using the twist lock mechanism. The high quality duster head utilizes thousands of soft plastic ‘feathers’ to pick up dust and sweep cobwebs away. The duster is nice and dense, and the fibres do not shed easily. Also ideal for cleaning high CCTV cameras. It is lightweight and strong and the duster uses a high quality aluminium pole which remains sturdy even when fully extended. This duster ha a removable head which you simply unscrew the duster head to use handheld without the pole to clean low areas, for storage, or to clean the duster itself. It has a bendable and washable duster that can be reshaped so that it fits easily around curved surfaces.


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