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Kwimbo is a Luchazi word that means home. I was inspired by my home country Zambia to share a part of my culture with you through these Chitenge designs. Chitenge is the Bemba word used to describe the Zambian print material below. It has been woven through generations of women in Africa and has been a part of my life as far as I can remember. From infancy – when mum used large Chitenge materials to secure the baby me to her back, through to my adolescent years when I would wrap the light materials around my waist in hot summer months. And now as a woman, I carry some form of Chitenge with me everywhere I go. As a practical tool to use when I need a cover-up, but more so as a comfortable reminder of home. One I wish to extend to you:

Welcome Kwimbo

• All The Chitenge material and designs are sourced in Zambia.
• I work with local tailors in Zambia who hand make each piece of clothing.
• 10% of the profits of each sale is given to the Zambia Women’s Lobby, a project empowering women to develop skills for the workforce.
• In supporting this venture, you help to build and support a community of women in Zambia.

Thank you x MC

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