The purpose journal is a  handwritten guide to remind you of your power, help you recognise your gifts and support you with the tools to grow into your God-given purpose.

The world wants you to believe that you are ordinary. That you are here to work and die without contributing any positive change to the world. But you are here for a reason.

The Purpose Journal is here to show you that you are more than enough. Within you lies extraordinary gifts that could help make the world a better place, even if you don’t know it yet. You deserve to live a fulfilling and impactful life.

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Do you ever question the reason for your existence? Or wonder what you contribute to the world? Do you struggle to believe your life will work out well in the end? Then this Purpose Journal is for you.

This is your space to reflect, grow and ultimately succeed in life’s greatest aim, finding and leading a meaningful life. Now more than ever, the world has become a place of uncertainty and confusion. It’s easy to feel anxious about life and the future when you don’t know what’s happening with the laws in your land, the permissions around your daily living or even the status of the world we inhabit.

In all the ambiguity and apprehension, you can be sure about one thing – you are here for a reason. This journal will give you the confidence to boldly step into your gifts and discover talents that will help you serve your community and lead a happy, fulfilled life where you thrive in your relationships, career, community, and the world. You were created to make a difference, and it’s time to build your self-esteem and eliminate the anxiety and self-doubt that has been holding you back from showing up as your full self.

The purpose journal will help you look at yourself with kindness and compassion, removing the heavy societal pressures you put on yourself and helping you to let go of comparison, so that from the moment you begin this book through to the end, you will understand and believe the message locked in life’s purpose: that you are enough.

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