Highlight of The Year

Highlight of The Year

OUTFIT: Missguided | Skin: Bodyshop Bronzer

“If we are going to die, I’d rather die in Miami” – Metiya, A and Sam on Hurricane Irma.

How has 2017 been for you? Mine was epic. I learnt so much about myself and my strength but also my weaknesses. My highlight this year has been something I haven’t actually blogged about. It was my birthday trip to Miami. I’ve been waiting to share this with you for the longest. See ever since I accepted that my September birthday in England is always filled with rain, I’ve been booking a trip outside the UK to celebrate it. This year was no different, me and my girls got ready – the destination was Miami.

We did everything most things, you are supposed to do in Miami. We woke up at 5pm for all-day breakfast and fresh juices. We  met people from all around the world and enjoyed beach days and jolly nights filled with dancing. There was something so liberating about Miami, we were free in every sense of the word.

Visiting the Miami Art District – Wynwood Walls

The picture of the boys has been my screensaver for years- we just randomly found it! Shorts : Missguided | Flat sandals : Similar Aldo

Dress: Missguided | Heels:Similar Public Desire

There were several signs I had in Miami that it was where I was supposed to be. Even when things were not going exactly to plan. The day of my birthday we got up ready to enjoy a boat cruise and toast to another year of life when two of my girlfriends walked into the hotel room looking rather gloomy for a birthday celebration. I was confused and did not understand their expressions. But one of them said to me – ‘Metiya, we are leaving – there is major hurricane on the way to hit this very spot.’ I was in shock to be honest, my girls will tell you I was in straight out denial that this was happening.

The irony. Girl runs away from English weather and rain, only to be hit with a hurricane in Miami! It took a while to dawn on me, but after heading out of our hotel for breakfast and seeing the normally relaxed locals  boarding up their properties – we realised it was time to go. We had to leave. I spent my entire birthday on the phone – on hold to our airline, then on hold to our travel agent and by 8pm that night we realised that we would have to make a decision for ourselves because no one seemed to have the information we required. We spent the night in silence in our thoughts and the following morning we were awakened by loud banging on the hotel door as we told there was an evacuation. The mayor had declared a state of emergency and there was to be a mandatory evacuation of South beach.

We did as we were told and I started praying because there were no flights out. We couldn’t find a rental car to drive out and we had just been evacuated from our ‘safe spot’. The night before, my two best friends and I had sat together and had a very honest conversation about our options. We thought about dying on the beach, dying mid-way in the air or dying on the drive out of Miami to some ‘safer’ areas. We realised personally that if we were going to die – it would rather be in the place that brought us so much joy and peace. We did some research and found out our hotel was recently built – it had hurricane proof technology and was secure enough to withstand strong winds. The only issue would be the flooding. We could be trapped for days without water or food. We had to consider our options of survival.

As we waited to check out at the lobby after being kicked out, I wondered what we were going to do. I opened the map app on on my phone and started thinking about where we could go. This was predicted to be a Category 5 hurricane, the strongest the area had seen – Hurricane Irma. I did not tell my family at that time but I did say a prayer with the girls. We decided to head up North, mainland to a spot we hoped would be safer than South Beach. We got there – it was nowhere near as lavish as the 5 star luxury hotel we had been residing in, but it was something – and at that moment it was everything to us. I walked around the beautiful surroundings before lockdown, imagining in my head that the blue sky would be gone, the lovely greenery and flowers would cease to exist and there would be destruction to such a beautiful place. As I walked around, I realised that nothing on earth is perfect. You can find the most perfect place, most beautiful and warm surrounding – but even it will suffer the ugliest turnaround.

I guess I saw then that life is not about finding something perfect – it’s about accepting that everything is flawed and choosing which flaws you would rather live with.

As I was walking around, I noticed a large familiar tree. I stepped closer and realised that it was a Moringa tree! I have a thing for Moringa trees. When I was a kid in Zambia, I was surrounded by them, but did not know what they were at the time. As I grew up in England I got into herbs and began buying Moringa online in University. It was only when I visited Zambia in April this year that I realised that all those trees I had grown up with where actually Moringa trees! All this time I was online searching for something and it was in my childhood home all along. Life is really ironic. But when I stood there, underneath the Moringa Tree in Coral Springs Florida, I realised that this was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be, a sign that God had heard my prayer and allowed us to find safety. And I stopped worrying.

We got on with our hurricane supply shopping and familiarised ourselves with the emergency actions to be taken. We were under a ‘lockdown’ which meant that at a certain time no one was allowed to be outside as it was not safe. We had the news on and watched the weather reporters track Hurricane Irma as it made its way to us. [God bless all the islands that were hit, as you might have seen on the news some places were terribly affected ] So eventually it came, we lost electricity, we were hit by a few tornadoes, the neighbourhood was affected quite badly but ULTIMATELY – we survived! We were fine! None of us were hurt. And I am so grateful to God that he had allowed me to be a survivor.

Despite the hurricane coming on my birthday, it was still the best birthday I have had. I loved Miami and genuinely feel that experience affected me deeply. I made some decisions off the back of it. And one of them was to live life with purpose. It has changed everything.

I don’t know you if you will have read all this. But if you made it to this part, I want to tell you that your life is a gift, you have been created for a special purpose that only you can carry out. There is no need to settle for what anyone else says that you should be or do. Your truth will never leave you, and I hope in 2018 we can both seek our truth and live it out to the full together.

Love and light x MC



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! This is a quick post just to thank you x

Dress: MC Chitenge Designs | Photography: Chip

It’s a great time to remember that none of us would have it made here on our own and everything we are today has been made possible by the prayers, support and care of those who have chosen to love us. If you have been one of them for me, thank you so much. I appreciate you more than you know. My prayer and wish is that I can be that person to more people in the coming year. A real lover and giver of love.

Thank you for reading metiyachique this year. It’s definitely been a journey, and it means so much that the thoughts that get me through have been read by so many of you and you have allowed me to not just write for myself but for you too. It’s a serious thing for me and I hope my words have helped you somehow.

I wish you love, joy and peace this christmas. To you and to yours x MC



Be The Best You Wanna Be

Be The Best You Wanna Be

MetiyaChique X PrettyLittleThing

I’m so excited to share this post with you, as the topic has been on my mind for a while now. There is a rush going round with all the buzz and excitement of closing 2017 and seeing in a New Year. For some, it’s a chance to reflect on the past year – what you achieved, what you overcame and even what you learnt through the not-so-good decisions.

For others, the end of the year presents an opportunity to delve into dreaming and planning for the coming year – what you will achieve, where you will go and who you will be. The wise ones amongst us will probably combine the two – reflecting on what 2017 has taught us and taking the lessons to plan a successful 2018.  Many thanks to the guys at PrettyLittleThing for this gorgeous activewear and helping me to be my best this year.

I’ve mentioned before my struggle with perfectionism. Someone once told me its a Virgo thing, but I think it’s a human trait we all possess – this desire to be without flaw aka flawless. And it hasn’t been helped by the rise of social media. This visual channel has allowed us to paint photos of perfect stills that give the notion of a perfect life. We fall for it when others do it and we strive for it off camera as well, knowing deep down that nobody is perfect.  But still we try so hard to create this image of a perfect life, perfect appearance and perfect happiness online.

That is probably why my biggest struggle has been letting go of the ideas others had about who I should be. And my biggest achievement (a work in progress) is embracing who I actually am fully, by letting go of this idea of perfectionism. See the problem I found was that striving to be perfect was never really about me, my eyes face outwards so I can’t look at myself. But it was more about how others perceived me. How I appeared to strangers on the internet, neighbours on the street and colleagues at work. We now live in a society that is constantly bombarding us with ideas of how we should be, what we should look like – how to wear our makeup, how to wear our hair, how to appear thinner or how to make your bum bigger and it goes on and on.

It’s easy to lose yourself in all of it and forget the most important question of all:

 What will make ME happy? 

This year has been all about loving EVERY part of myself. From my natural kinky hair to my full features – lips, cheeks and even my imperfect body. I truly believe everyone is beautiful and special regardless of whether popular culture thinks so or not. You might not see a girl with your body or your skin or hair in the magazines or the popular Instagram channels. But I want you to know that you are perfect just as you are.

As we head into 2018, the temptation is there for me to be like – I want the PERFECT body next year. I want to be hotter than hot, untouchable like a Baywatch actress and bootylicious like Beyonce. Then I ask myself, okay – what if you are not any of those things? What will happen then? Will you cease to be beautiful? will you cease to be hot? will you die? The answer is NO! I am already all those things I want to be just by being me! There is absolutely no pressure for me to look like ANYBODY else because I am enough. And so are you. So this year a goal for me is just to be fit! I want to run up and down the stairs without losing my breath, to be able to dance all night without losing my legs and to live life to the full knowing that I’m enough.

Many thanks to PLT for these lit training outfits to make me look good as I’m doing so. You can check out their Activewear range here and get yourself feeling good! [Photography by TKJ Global Media Ltd]

So can I invite you to join me? Let us say Forget You to New Year’s resolutions and instead write : EMBRACE MYSELF FULLY.

Love and Light x MC




Issa Celebration

Issa Celebration


Dress: Boohoo | Boots: LOTD.com | Photography: CHIP

We Made it guys! We made it to December! Thats right, the last month of the year and guess what? You made it through all the bull, the highs and the lows and we are seeing the end of another year.

So while we are here, let me paint you a picture. It’s 1 January 2017, you are looking at that seven after the one trying to understand how it came by so quick. Tryna understand where time went. Tryna repress the feelings of anxiety and that niggling voice in the back of your head that constantly asks you ‘What did you do with all the time?‘. Because its the first day of a whole new year and somehow you will convince yourself that 2017 is about to be YOUR year. This time you will make it. All the things that you missed in 2016 will be realised, all the projects you dreamt up will be started, and you will finally reap the harvests of your sowing.

Then January goes by, February goes by, March then April if you’re lucky. And all of a sudden you do not know how but ish just got REAL! You are in the middle of an ocean and its dark and there are sharks and underwater pythons and anacondas and you CAN’T swim! You have no idea how you will even make it to the surface. All those visions of 2017 with roses and lilies and Instagram perfect moments have disappeared. In  this moment, it’s just you and your mind, you and your will power, its you and your faith: You vs You. 

I don’t know about you but I definitely had my moments of STRUGGLE in 2017. (Real struggle like in that song by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft Akon ‘I’m takin’ five steps forward, and ten steps back’) I had moments I couldn’t see past. Moments that didn’t make any type of sense whichever way I tilted my head to look at them, moments that forced me to get on my knees and pray for God to reach his arm from the heavens and take me through. Peak times fam, but he must have heard me. Coz we here.

And I know it’s hazy right now, you’re scrolling on your timeline and seeing all these posts about how much Jane has accomplished this year, all the major things Joe has bought and all the wonderful places Jim has travelled to. And you can’t help but hear that little voice in the back of your head again whispering loudly (sort of like that thing that takes over the boy’s brain in Stranger Things) – ‘What have YOU done?‘  NO! Not today! We will not allow that voice to speak today. You will not be your own enemy, you will not be a victim of comparison and you SHALL NOT FORGET THY VICTORIES this year!


  • That thing that should have stopped you two months ago?

–  It didn’t.

  • Those people who tried to talk bad about your life?

–  They were wrong!

  • Those fake friends who tried to drown you with their negativity?

–  They drowned themselves and sank. 

You my friend are a victor, You are a survivor, You are a CONQUEROR. And because of that – we will celebrate.

This post is a celebration of making it through my own struggles and of defeating my own enemy – me. Guess who came out on top? I did! So I’m super grateful to the kind people at Boohoo for sending over their December prom Dress of the Month to get my Beyonce thang going and celebrate in true style! You can check out their lovely range of dresses here.  A toast to Boohoo’s dress of the month, and to us – heroes of the month, survivors of the year and conqueror’s of the future.

Love and light x MC




Festive Style

Festive Style

It’s officially the last month of the year! Yes December is here and that brings with it all the celebrations of the festive period. I’m sharing this wonderful festive look you can rock to your christmas parties, end of year celebrations or even office parties thanks to LOTD.com.

Heels: ZARA | Jumpsuit: LOTD |  Earrings: TOPSHOP | Clutch: Boutique

I love the feel of this jumpsuit, perfect combination of comfort and glamour – the fact it has sleeves means you can confidently wear it in the cold weather without fear of totally freezing. Also this is really easy for a day to night change if you are going from the office to dinner/drinks. You could add a belt to it as well – a thin gold waist belt or similar for an extra touch, but I like it flowing and free so I just wear it on its own. It’s also ideal for team itty bitty (HEY SISTERS!)  hehehe but my bustier girls can wear it too – just pin it higher up if you wear support underneath. Overall, its a ten from me – I love this jumpsuit and will be rocking it all festive season.

Would you guys rock this look? Let me know how and where you would wear it in the comments!

Love and light x MC

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Winter Style

Winter Style

Hi guys! How are you doing? It’s officially winter and Yorkshire is freezing *cries*. I cannot put it off any longer with pictures of my sunny travels and scenic beach views, so here is an up-to date post of me recently on a shopping trip in Harrogate, UK, rocking my winter style.

As you guys know, winter is not my favourite time of the year (I am working towards a life that doesn’t include winter anymore, because I have realised we just are not suited to one another). But anyway before that break up can go ahead, we must survive yet another cold season. This one is already looking up and a smile was put on my face a couple weeks ago thanks to the guys at LOTD.com who kindly sent me some chic pieces to get me through this winter! Find photos and details below:

I got this lovely basic black long sleeve bodysuit. I love how simple it is, the round neck is perfect because it’s not too high but covers high enough to look super chic and be warm too! The material is quite thin so it can be worn underneath a blazer for work or you can wear it up with a mini skirt or down with jeans like I did:

celebrity dresses

I also got these lovely booties which are perfect for these dark nights. They are so comfortable and can be worn in the day at the office then straight to evening drinks. My jeans tucked perfectly into them as you can see:

Better view of the booties – the heel is really comfortable so you don’t get that ‘I’ve been wearing heels’ pain some shoes can give, yea you know what I mean. They are on sale right now as well £15! Shop them here

So I paired my items with some jeans from All Saints and a ZARA coat that I seem to have taken over from my best friend – you guys ever have those situations where your girl leaves something at your house and you try it on accidentally one day then just can’t stop wearing it? Hahaha its probably because I miss her to be honest – love you A 🙂

Top: LOTD.com | Jeans: All Saints | Scarf: ZARA | Booties: LOTD.COM

There you have it, a little taste of what winter is looking like so far. Thank you to the guys at LOTD.com and thank you for stopping by lovelies, have a great week and catch you soon. Love and light x MC 


Disclaimer: I did not get paid for this post and all opinions are mine. 



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