You Got This! (Life and the rest…)
I know what life is like, and how quick it is to TRY and steal your joy! But I just want to give you three reasons why it ain't gonna bring you down friend, You got this!

 Dress : Kwimbo  | Photography: Chip | Heels: Ego Desire

I know what life is like, and how quick it is to TRY and steal your joy! But I just want to give you three reasons why it ain’t gonna bring you down friend, You got this! Also must add that this dress is not in the KWIMBO store but if you would like one, let me know and I will get it for you in the next batch!

1. You’re STILL here

We tend to get so caught up in where we are going, that we sometimes forget where we came from. The journey you have been on to get where you are is MIRACULOUS! I know you might have dreamt of being somewhere else at this point in your life, but think about all the times you LOST your way, all the times life got you really down and yet you fought, you kept on going to be here in one piece (Or two or three but hey, we aint counting 😉 You made it here coz you are a survivor, God kept and brought you to this point because he is not yet through with you!

2. You are wiser

You are like ‘Metiya, that’s a big assumption to make!’ But I made it, and I’m very comfortable in saying that YOU are wiser, because if you are human, which I presume you are (otherwise animals are welcome, aliens I’m not sure) then you will have made MISTAKES along the journey to get here. And because you are wise, those mistakes taught you something. I have made several mistakes – we could write a book with thousands of pages on that. But I have learnt so much about life, myself and others through the mistakes of my past. Your mistakes are the bricks that will allow you to build your character. The lifetime value the present in way of lessons, is greater than what they might have taken from you. Always remember that your mistakes do not define you, but it is how you pick yourself from your mistakes that does. Y’all remember Jesus’ favourite phrase in the New testament? He says on several occasions to past sinners ‘Go and sin no more.’

3. You ain’t finished yet!

The great thing about it all is that you are not yet even in your FINAL FORM! I have seen this going around on twitter (you better add me right now – @metiyachique) where people speak about not yet reaching their final form. They say things like ‘I am so fabulous but the funny thing is, I’m not yet even in my final form!’ Final form here means the completed process of self-improvement. I can say confidently that You nor I are not in our final form yet as I believe that this is a life’s work. We are human so we can ALWAYS improve, be better and be kinder to those around us. But more than that, we are always growing. Final form for me means I am living a purposeful life daily walking the path God planned for me long ago. You might be lucky enough to feel you are living that way right now. But for many of us, we are still working towards aligning our actions with our purpose and it is a journey. You can keep on going with faith that you will reach the destination and ultimately a place of fulfilment and happiness in the life you live.

Keep on going my friend, you got this.

Love and light x MC

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