Black Friday – Natural Hair Extensions
I thought I would hit you with a mid-week post in respect of Black Friday this week. I am talking about more Natural Hair Extensions...

Hi guys!

I thought I would hit you with a mid-week post in respect of Black Friday this week. I am talking about more Natural Hair Extensions, adapted from my original post [here]

I have always been an advocate for natural hair extensions, yassss to hair extensions that give you some length or thickness or even colour AND actually match your God-given hair texture *insert black hands-in-the-air emoji here*. Back in the day when I went natural, it was very difficult to find extensions that matched my hair type. Nowadays, thankfully we have a wide array of choices for extensions that match our vast range of kinks, curls and fros and I look forward to sharing some of my favourites with you. In the beginning, I used to have to order my natural textured extensions from USA  and I quickly learnt that the way to save on this to order extensions when they had sales on. So voila – Black Friday became my hair shopping day. See below the natural hair extensions on my wish list this year. Some tried, others I wish to try:

1. Curl Genetics (featured in photo above)

Can you tell why I love these extensions? Movement, curls and texture just like mine. I literally just brushed my hair down to blend it in this shot.  Pictured wearing the Curlgenetics Curlygenes U-part sold here:

2. My Natural Hair extensions

I purchased some clip-ins from this company. They have lasted me a couple of years and are so useful for adding extra length and thickness to updos. Wearing afrokinky clips ins sold at:

3. BigChopHair

This brand has been on my list since I saw one of my favourite natural hair bloggers – Maria Antoinette, create a gorgeous twist out with them. I have not tried them yet but they are high on my list. Sold here:

4. BigHairNoCare

I had been following Freddie Harrel for a good minute – for her mighty fro as much as her vibrant style. So when I heard that she had released a brand of extensions that could see me emulate her lovely afro – I was ecstatic. These are great for changing up your style and trying different looks. The great thing about these is that they are synthetic so do not contain human hair and also great on the pocket! The Laid Back Blow-out weft looks perfect for adding length to a blow out. This a UK based hair wigs company too so all my UK babes can avoid those shipping costs!

Visit the site here:

5. Heat Free Hair

I am sure this tops the wish list for many naturals. I am yet to try this luxurious buy, but it is on my list as the textures look amazing and the reviews from all who have tried it are hyping this hair! Check out their site on

So that’s my list. Will you be investing in some hair extensions this Friday? Or do you already have some natural hair extensions you love? Share your thoughts below! x MC

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