“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success”. Napoleon Hill





Lately I find myself asking what it really means to me. And by ‘it’ I mean everything. My values are at the root of who I am and who I desire to be, but I question what really is that important and what I choose to define me.

Several decisions we make are affected by the environment around us. The paths we take in life, love, career, location all of them influenced by some external factors. I find myself more and more asking – what would it mean if I woke up one day and we were in the middle of war, an environmental disaster or if I found out I was dying. Would my decisions be different? Would I wake up and go the same route I do now and do the same things with my day? How would I treat those around me? Would I still feel too busy to pick up the phone and tell them I loved them, to take a ride and visit those who I had not seen in a while.

Most importantly, how would I feel about myself. The me I have moulded – looking at that person from the outside, would I be satisfied that I had lived life or would I look upon myself with regret and pity. Sometimes I imagine my dreams so vividly that I can almost smell them. I see my dream so clearly in my mind but when I try to touch it, it seems so unrealistic and far away. I liken it to a black rose, something that captivates one’s imagination. So rare to find, so mesmerising when found and yet quite painful to reach out and touch.

Our passions will always lie within us next to our gifts and talents. I believe everyone has a gift but it must be ignited – one must want to find it and sometimes even have to bleed (metaphorically) before they can touch it. The black rose continues to exist, it’s rare and difficult to find but it is available for the one who truly seeks to find it. May this serve as a reminder for you, now and the year ahead to never stop trying to achieve your dream. And to believe like the black rose, that it is real and be found.

Love and light x MC

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