Hello, is anyone there? If not, I don’t blame you, as I haven’t been active on here for a very long time.

After my last post on ‘Overcoming Obstacles’ in July, I went through a rather interesting period. It wasn’t a deliberate break I took, it just happened that life swept me on a curious path with wonderful twists and turns and ventures into the unknown.

There are several virtues I’ve known and aspired to have in my life – love, hope, faith and the like. But unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I disregarded one of the most important virtues of all, courage.

Courage ~n

the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

When was the last time you did something that scared you? Pushed yourself beyond the limits of your comfort zone? When I asked myself that question last year, I didn’t know the answer. I had to sit down and recall year by year, events that forced me to be courageous. And through that I realised that courage was definitely a virtue that I couldn’t say I possessed.

It made me sad to think that I was no longer pushing myself, no longer being brave or bold in my decisions and I asked myself Why?

Answer = fear. Fear is a serious and dangerous detriment to our growth. The worst part about fear is you don’t even realise you’re afraid until you realise you’re stagnant. You don’t realise you’re stagnant until you accept that you are not growing. Your current situation, job. friends, partner or environment are not aiding your growth but stopping it. Then you are faced with a decision, to be brave or to not be brave and continue living in the realms of your comfort zone without any changes.

I chose the former. See I missed lesson number 3659 on Success ; To make a big impact, you have to take big risks. I don’t know when I stopped taking risks or when I get so scared of failing. But I made a decision to push myself again in 2019, to dream harder, to ask for more and ultimately to be the best version of me by faith. When did you stop taking risks? What scared you into abandoning your dreams or giving up your passions? I implore you to join me this year to adopt courage as one of your virtues. Stand brave in the face of the unknown and have faith through God’s grace that you have everything you need within to conquer.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Love and light x MC

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