Harry Meghan Oprah Interview and Racism

Harry Meghan Oprah Interview and Racism

So, we’ve all seen that Harry Meghan Oprah Interview and their report of Racism from the Royal Institution in Britain. I expected the interview tellings to be explosive for the Royal family,  what I didn’t expect was how it would affect me. I stayed up late to watch the live streaming of the interview from USA (it aired at 8pm to 10pm ET on Sunday 7 March) which was 1am here in UK. The buzz around the Harry clip and my vibrant twitter feed kept the adrenaline pumping and my mind wide awake.

By the time 1am came round, the link was distributed amongst my Twitter family – and it was a-go! I tuned in as Oprah was chatting with Meghan. Both of them looked beautiful by the way, Meghan wore this Armani dress and Oprah was in her billionairess smart-casual Queen-of-daytime 1000% pure cashmere (I presume) pink sweater over white collar. Also who does Oprah’s hair? It was truly HAIRING honey! Did you see the highlights?! The Hairline?! FLAWLESS.

Harry and Meghan sit with Oprah to discuss Racism in Britain and their experiences of royal duty

Image courtesy of CBS

Anyway, let’s stay focused on the aim of this blog post: racism. I started off the interview thinking “Yesss give the royals a shock! EXPOSE  the colonialists Harry! Break free Meghan!” But unfortunately watching Meghan and hearing of her heart-breaking time in the prison palace caused more of a trigger to my own traumatic experiences of racism in Britain. Particularly institutional racism. At one point Meghan talked about turning to the institution’s HR for support with her mental health struggles, but instead of offering support, they turned her away and disregarded her cries. She spoke about how she felt that no one came to her defence when all she wanted to do was a good job representing the palace. But when she needed someone to fight for her, they were not there. Whewww. It all felt a tad too familiar, I could feel my emotions being stirred and it became slightly uncomfortable to witness.

Now, I have not had tabloids bullying or harassing me they way I saw them do Meghan, but I sure have been in situations where I felt that the company that was supposed to care for me, was in fact neglectful of me and of their duties to me. Many times I turned to HR for help and instead HR turned on me. So much so that I am now of the firm belief that HR does not represent someone like me, it represents and cares for the company for which it is hired. Unfortunately with claims such these, history has shown that in Britain the accusation of racism gets more outrage than the act of racism itself. This was evident when at the end of the program, ITV did not offer any follow-up support as they have done in the past for issues related to homophobia, drug use, abuse or mental health. It would have been helpful to have a message saying ‘If the contents of this program have upset you then call this number to get help for your racist experience in Britain.’ But as before, help simply did not come.

Whilst there are policies and procedures to investigate accusations of racism, there are not so many to actually deal with racism in the first place. I know that I’m not the only one who was triggered by that broadcast the other day. So if like me, you are feeling triggered by the interview and even helpless at some of your experiences with racism, please know that you are not alone. Your feelings are valid, and they are worth being taken seriously. It is not your responsibility to explain or prove racism to anyone. And ultimately, you matter too.

Let me know if you have experienced similar and let’s connect on social media @MetiyaChique

Love and light x MC

Rudding Park Hotel Review

Rudding Park Hotel Review

I had the pleasure of taking a staycation for my birthday celebrations and stayed at this wonderful luxury hotel in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I had planned and worked hard all year to celebrate my birthday on an island somewhere in the Caribbean this year after not having a holiday for years. But due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, travel was really not an option.

Dress: AX Paris Heels: ZARA (Similar here)

So I went about the great hunt of finding an alternative to the Caribbean that would still offer me the relaxation, mental break and beautiful views I had been longing for all year. Not an easy challenge. I found a list of UK staycations from Cornwall to Carlisle but none of them were quite hitting the spot with the mix of glamour, good food and relaxation I craved, until I came acoss this gem hidden in the fields of North Yorkshire.

Entrance to Rudding Park Hotel

The fields are wonderfully secluded in the countryside of Harrogate with a long drive leading up to the reception. Upon entering the main doors, my temperature was taken and sanitiser provided before I was welcomed in. The hotel receptionist was very friendly and immediately asked if I required luggage assistance. When I said yes, one of the staff courteously rolled out the hotel luggage cart to my numerous bags in the car park and delivered them to my room. Service was a solid 9/10, the only thing that would have made it better would have been the staff explaining some of the facilities available for my stay like the spa, golf etc.

Breakfast in bed at Rudding Park

I stayed in the Ribston Wing double room for a nightly rate that included dinner, Yorkshire breakfast, morning newspaper, access to the Indoor Swimming Pool, Juniper Log Sauna, Bucket Shower, Wi-Fi and use of residents’ gym.

The room was fresh and crisp upon arrival, it had a terrace with with outdoor seating and I arrived to a lovely complimentary bottle of Agustí Torelló Mata’s 2017 Cava and a birthday card from the hotel. Very sweet welcoming touch.

We had the option of having dinner in the Clocktower restaurant or fine dining in the Horto restaurant. I went for the clocktower option and enjoyed a well cooked, well portioned 3 course dinner. See photo of my starter below:

smoked salmon starter
creme fraiche, watercress, capers. brown bread & butter

The next day, we took a walk around the grounds and facilities. The fields are vast and picturesque and there is so much space to enjoy a morning walk undisturbed.

View of Rudding fields from my walk

We also stopped by the spa which was massive! There is an option to just attend the world-renowned spa for the day, and a cafe that caters to day visitors.

Overall, my stay was definitely brilliant and I would rate it a 9/10. It was one of the best sleeps I had in a long time and the breakfast in bed was sensational. The staff went above and beyond their way to make us feel comfortable from check in to (our late) checkout. The only thing that would have given it 10/10 would have been the explanation of available facilities to us and perhaps getting us booked into some activities and the spa.

Otherwise I felt it was worth the cost and every bit as luxe as I desired. Sure it wasn’t the Caribbean, but it allowed me to take a break from the everyday, celebrate my birthday in style and leave feeling more relaxed.

I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a relaxing, stylish UK staycation. Watch my video of the review on my instagram @metiyachique

Love and light x Metiya

Finding Joy in 2020

Finding Joy in 2020

Tassel Dress: Lavish Alice | Belt: Topshop (similar) | Heels: Missguided

Birthday Celebrations at Rudding Park

I just wanted to check in with you guys, as it’s been so long and this year has so been so challenging. I hope you are all well, please let me know if you are reading this. I haven’t posted since last year and I’m so sure no-one reads this anymore. But I wanted to write to mark my year around earth. 2020 will be unforgettable anyway. But I wanted to write about finding hoy in 2020 and mark this year on a special day of my life to always remember that God can make light of even the darkest situation. I booked a staycation in UK to celebrate my birthday safely this year. I stayed at the lovely Rudding Park hotel and it was a great time.

Birthday cake in Clocktower restaurant

Despite the several downs, I can say that God has been faithful to me and allowed me to be here whole today. I took an exercise of recounting all the things I’ve been through since last year. And I can truly say that it’s by God’s grace that I’m here now. It was too many life-threatening situations that I escaped and I know for a fact that if I can come out unscathed, then I will make it through it all. God is watching me and he is watching you, he will take care of us and guide us through even the darkest times.

I’m praying for you and sending you strength x

Love and Light x MC

Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer

Aha! Spicy heading! Or maybe just to me 🙂

Happy August guys! We are in the HEAT of summer (and rain of course). I’m spending mine working in the city (need to review that work/life balance coz…) Anyway it’s been a bit of a quiet one to be honest, and with Love Island over, I find myself asking ‘Am I really living my best summer? Is this a Hot Girl Summer?’ No lie, I was feeling like a ‘dead ting’ as Amber once said during an episode of Love island. And for some reason, I just forget my own sauce. There was no heat or spice to be had, and my confidence dropped some. But today I talk about embodying the true spirit of a Hot Girl Summer and why you need to believe in your OWN sauce.


Our good sis Meg Thee Stallion coined the term ‘Hot Girl Summer’, where she gave this clear definition incase anyone was confused.

“Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident,living YOUR truth , being the life of the party etc

@TheeStallion July 17 2019, Twitter

How empowering is this statement – living unapologetically as your true self and being confident in your skin. All of us should be confident in who we are and live in that confidence all year round. But it does happen that we go through things, life hits us at different angles and sometimes it does wear on our self-belief. So I wanted to share a few ways (five) I was able to regain my confidence, that can help or enhance your Hot Girl Summer!

1. Accept your body

Nobody is perfect, we are surrounded – even bombarded sometimes with images of all these ‘perfect’ looking women with ‘perfect’ bodies, but the truth is no one on this earth has the perfect example body. We are all different and our bodies change as we grow and go through things. The human body is an incredible system, we are more than just aesthetics or visual creatures. So rather than worry about how much cellulite you have or whether or not your tummy is flat enough, how about just being grateful for being able to digest food, taste it, swallow and get all the nutrients you need from it.

2. Don’t Compare

Not sure how many times I’ve written this on the blog but Comparison is the thief of joy! It’s true! Hot Girl Summer is all about being true to YOU. And that starts with the recognition that you are unique and your journey is completely different from anyone else, and that is what makes you special.

3. Flaws and all

Again on perfectionism. It’s so dangerous to think there is only way of being or doing. Everything has flaws, as does everyone (except the good Lord). So in every aspect of your life, aim to be more kind to yourself – for past sins and mistakes, for taking the wrong turn sometimes – it’s okay. The flaws are what give character, and through God’s grace you can be restored to better than you were before.

4. Intrinsic value

Your value is not determined by your current situation. It’s not determined by your handbag or wardrobe or the car you drive. It’s not determined by your job or your salary or the education you have, not even by your boyfriend, husband or single status. You’re worth more than ANYTHING this world could offer. Your were a ‘Hot girl’ from birth because you were created divinely and deliberately and NOBODY ELSE is you.

5. Do more of what you love

Nothing puts us more off-track than ignoring our gifts, forcing ourselves to do what we think we should be doing rather than what we were created to do. A simple remedy to remind yourself EXACTLY of the Hot girl you are, is to spend more time using your gifts. I was feeling down at work a few weeks ago and my work angel (she is an angel in human form) said to me ‘Take some time to do what you love”. I did and I feel so much better, even blogging again and sharing these pics taken in April.

So hope you guys enjoyed my top 5 points on how to reclaim your Hot Girl Summer this season and forever more! Share it with a friend if you enjoyed it and see you soon. Love and light x MC



Hi guys,

Hope all is well with you. I’m so happy to have some time to write again today. It feels like things have been really busy lately and this year is just flying by! But it’s important to have down time to reflect and realign so that you are able to do whatever you need, to the best of your ability. And that’s why I love these Guest Blogs so much, they allow us a unique glimpse into the journey of other’s who had a dream and accomplished it. They remind us that the road is not straight, obstacle-free or easy, but it’s worth persisting for a true gift the journey gives us – growth.

I hope you enjoy part 2 of Michael’s story as much as I did. You can read part one [here]

1.What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

MV: The biggest challenge in my life was overcoming my mental neurosis that I didn’t belong anywhere. I was getting into a lot of fights at school, being bullied, subjugated, racism all of which played with my mind. I experienced deep levels of inadequacy and thought that I was not good enough to belong anywhere. One day I had an epiphany, I said to myself “fu*k it”. I belong to myself, I belong to the world. I don’t care if people don’t want me to belong with them. I decided to put the smile on my face first. I realised I don’t need anybody to make me happy; I don’t need anything or anyone to accept me. I accept myself – this was a turning point in my life. I started to conduct myself in such a manner that didn’t need to ask for anything from anyone. I became someone that supported himself, his mind and his heart. All of this is rooted in my studies and spiritual values.

I choose to believe in Jesus and rooted in the life of Jesus is the simple notion I had nothing to be afraid of and that Jesus loves me. I began to speculate on this notion and it inspired me simply because Jesus took the slings and arrows and scourging for the sins of the world and yet still had the capacity to love.

I overcame my challenges by working on my craft, my psychology and reframing my beliefs and values about myself and creating new possibilities for my life. My primary belief is that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. I do not point the finger at anyone or blame anyone for anything that happens in my life. Happiness begins with me first; I can then be generous and share my happiness with everyone

Michael Vincent performing in Poland.

2. What is success to you?

MV:I think success is an elusive concept. I think the world has brainwashed us into thinking we need to earn a certain amount of money, we need to live in a certain type of house, drive a certain type of car, to date a certain type of person. All of this is a crazy illusion, this is not success, this is a false illusion of looking good in the eyes of others. Success to me is being able to communicate in spite of being deaf. Success to me is having peace of mind. Success to me is looking after my mother with her Dementia and earning enough money to do so without wanting. Success to me is being able to perform magic and have an audience still enjoy it. Success to me is keeping my heart open to the possibility that I may fall in love again.

I am single, my heart was broken six years ago and it’s taken me this long to feel normal again. Success to me is forgiveness, success to me represents hope and possibility and faith that life as it is today can still be a beautiful experience. With all the craziness going on in the world I choose to believe that life is a beautiful experience. I choose to emphasize the word experience, because to live life and to experience all of it with an open heart and not be broken is the mark of a successful attitude towards life. I have had many friends and family members commit suicide in the last three years. I have struggled to come to terms with this. It has confused me, and got me present to the fact that some people couldn’t see beyond their pain and chose to end the experience of life they were having.

One of my heroes in life was a gentleman named Victor Frankle. He wrote a book called A Man’s Search for Meaning. This little book documents Victor Frankle’s life in Auschwitz during the Second World War. Here, he talks about his attitude towards this circumstance in his life and he survived simply because the experience did not break him. He realised, the only thing he had which could not be taken from him was his Attitude. I attempt to keep this in mind at all times. I believe that my attitude will always guide and direct me in the face of challenging circumstances. To maintain this state of mind, and to live in the state of grace and equanimity to me is a treasure beyond price – this is success to me.

Michael performing in China.

7. What advice would you give someone trying to do what you do?

MV: We live in different times now, I’m not sure my advice would make much difference to someone wanting to follow in my footsteps. I will say however, they must love what they do, passion is everything and they must discover their purpose in life. The Big Why is important to longevity. The most important thing of all they must be in it for the long term.

8. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on your journey so far?

MV: The biggest lesson I have learnt is to tell the truth no matter what. I’m not interested in looking good in the eyes of others; I am only interested in expressing myself honestly to others so that they know whom they are dealing with.

9. What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

MV: I would tell my younger self, trust yourself before you trust anyone else. Follow your heart don’t be afraid to tell the truth. The world is a beautiful place, you will encounter people who will smile in your face and stab you in the heart in the next breath. Become a student of people, enjoy your life and honestly express yourself.

Just want to thank Michael for his openness and honesty in these pieces. If you have been touched by the blogs, please leave a comment for Michael below and thank you guys for reading! Love and light x MC

More about Michael on:

Michael Vincent Magic | The Vincent Academy | The London Card Expert | Michael Vincent Image Creation |Instagram
@michaelvincentmagic and @fujiwarrior

Guest Blogger – Michael Vincent Part 1

Guest Blogger – Michael Vincent Part 1

Hi dearies, hope you are well and enjoying the lovely summer weather! If it’s not summer where you are, I hope you are enjoying life regardless 🙂 I’m so excited to bring you my next guest, who so happens to be the world’s best close-up magician. I met Michael on a networking course hosted by my workplace and I was immediately fascinated by his magical genius but more so on what he had to say. His perspective of life and purpose is a gift that I’m very blessed to have experienced and so very honored that he has given me the chance to share with you all here. I’ve split this into two parts as I don’t want you to miss on the gems being shared here.

1.Tell us about you

My name is Michael Vincent I am 55 years old and my parents are both from St.Lucia

2. Tell us about what you do

My career started as a Professional Magician. I was entertaining at Corporate Events throughout the 1990s, Private Parties and the odd appearance on Television.

I consider this my generic period doing what I thought I should be doing in show business. It worked, it was fun but eventually after ten years, I got bored and felt, is this all there is to my life? 

By the time 2000 came upon us, I was beyond disillusioned and frustrated at the Groundhog Day experience of my career so I started teaching magic to students.

This was a breath of fresh air because I was focused on making a difference as opposed to being self-absorbed about my own interest.

I started presenting lectures on magic and psychology to various groups around the country and this gave me even more enthusiasm for my craft because I was now focused on discussing concepts around presentation skills, communication, rapport dynamics and personal development. 

This was an interesting period for me because my career was no longer about entertainment; it became more about communication and self-expression. By 2010, I had hit a groove and began to explore deeper the world of human potential – I enrolled onto The Landmark Forum. I loved this education so much; I stayed in this environment for the next six years. This was a life transforming process. During this time, I created my Academy.

The Vincent Academy is my training and development company that specializes in coaching, training, development, live seminars and inspirational speeches.

3. What sets your soul on fire aka what do you love to do?

 I am very passionate about making a difference to the quality of life for others. Inside of this context, I have developed skills in presenting magic and my core ability is to communicate.

What sets my soul on fire is having ideas and immediately creating possibilities to bring these ideas into fruition. For example, I had the idea to write a book, I didn’t know if there would be any interest for it. I did a little market testing on Instagram. To my great surprise, there was a reasonable level of interest, which inspired me to start writing. The book was written on my iPhone during my downtime.

The completed text was uploaded to my computer and fine-tuned and edited. This is an example of my creative muse pushing me to complete a project. As I type this, the book is being printed and has already paid for itself.

I am now in profit zone.

This inspires me because there is a creative energy in the universe that supports all of our desires.

When an idea pops into my mind and my heart feels warm about it, this tells me that God, the universe, the living force whatever deity you choose to believe in, is telling me /us that I am the one to bring this project to life.

This has my name on it and the rewards will be all mine. It’s not about the material gain, it’s about being used for something greater than myself. The final outcome is an expression of the creative energy of life at work.

When my book arrives in the hands of the people who purchased it, they will feel as I felt during the creative process

4. What inspired you to do what you do?

I was inspired by the magicians I saw on television as a boy. I knew this was what I wanted to do. I was not entertaining thoughts of being professional, I just love the subject matter. As I look back on my life I can see that the craft of magic has become be the foundation for my career.

This foundation is now rock solid – I am building my enterprise – My enterprise is all based around communication, self-expression and supporting others to discover their voice and natural expression in the world.

I can see how my life and all the events that have shown up have shaped me and inspired the work that I now do.

Thank you Michael for being so forthcoming and sharing so many gems with us. I always learn so much when I hear you speak. For more on Michael please see below sites:

Michael Vincent Magic | The Vincent Academy | The London Card Expert | Michael Vincent Image Creation | Instagram:
@michaelvincentmagic and @fujiwarrior

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