Source:  The Independent (AP)  Haiti Disaster Article

This is quite different from my usual blog posts. It actually stems from frustration mixed with some anger about the media’s response to the disaster Hurricane Matthew left in Haiti.

I walked into work on Thursday morning expecting the big screen in the office that plays the news to be filled with coverage and information on the after-effects of Hurricane Matthew. It was after all where I had heard that the hurricane was heading towards the Caribbean. I somehow expected the news to be filled with statics, data and information on what had happened, what was happening and how we could help. However, I was disappointed to see that this was not breaking news. Still, I expected that when I arrived home and logged into my social media, there would be articles and headlines and filter flags of solidarity and support to the Haitian community, but still, nothing.

Today I woke up and had some time to research for myself and understand what was really happening in Haiti, and the numbers of people affected. It’s so strange that I had to actively search for information on this myself. When the other day,it was in the headlines that someone got robbed in Paris.  BBC had it as breaking news, Facebook and Twitter  had it as trending, there was no getting away from it. Yet over 800 people DIE in Haiti and the world just pushes it to the side.

To summarise it all in a nutshell, this great quote from Andrew Buncombe’s article in The Independent today:

“Have we forgotten the anecdote from one British newsroom that “one dead in Putney equals ten dead in Paris equals one hundred dead in Turkey”, etc?

Anyway I know better than to place my hope or expectations on this world. The most important question for me now is what can I do? How can I help in this situation? With the help of my friends via Facebook ( thank you Tianna and Scarlett of wondercurl), I have gathered some information on 3 organisations that already do great work in Haiti and are accepting donations for relief:

  1. Partners in health (PIH) as are the largest nongovernment health care provider in Haiti, they support 12 healthcare centres in Haiti’s central region and are already travelling to affected areas. See how you can donate on their website :
  2. Missionary Flight International deliver supplier into Haiti and other islands. They are accepting relief supplies for Haiti Disaster Relief today:
  3. Adventist Development and Relief Agency delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in Haiti. Early response activities include food, clean water, and household item distribution for around 1,000 affected families. You can donate to them at:

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Every little helps x MC

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