Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! This is a quick post just to thank you x

Dress: MC Chitenge Designs | Photography: Chip

It’s a great time to remember that none of us would have it made here on our own and everything we are today has been made possible by the prayers, support and care of those who have chosen to love us. If you have been one of them for me, thank you so much. I appreciate you more than you know. My prayer and wish is that I can be that person to more people in the coming year. A real lover and giver of love.

Thank you for reading metiyachique this year. It’s definitely been a journey, and it means so much that the thoughts that get me through have been read by so many of you and you have allowed me to not just write for myself but for you too. It’s a serious thing for me and I hope my words have helped you somehow.

I wish you love, joy and peace this christmas. To you and to yours x MC

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