Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! This is a quick post just to thank you x

Dress: MC Chitenge Designs | Photography: Chip

It’s a great time to remember that none of us would have it made here on our own and everything we are today has been made possible by the prayers, support and care of those who have chosen to love us. If you have been one of them for me, thank you so much. I appreciate you more than you know. My prayer and wish is that I can be that person to more people in the coming year. A real lover and giver of love.

Thank you for reading metiyachique this year. It’s definitely been a journey, and it means so much that the thoughts that get me through have been read by so many of you and you have allowed me to not just write for myself but for you too. It’s a serious thing for me and I hope my words have helped you somehow.

I wish you love, joy and peace this christmas. To you and to yours x MC

Juice/smoothie of the week 

Juice/smoothie of the week 

I’ve been an avid juicer for a few years now. My hobby was ignited again last year after getting a nutribullet for Christmas! (Thanks mum)

I usually have two smoothies/juices a day using my nutribullet and I’ve seen some great changes in the way I feel and look! The first thing I noticed was probably my increase in energy. I suffer from SAD and can get quite low in winter months but starting my day off with a nutriblast has really helped my energy levels, I actually have energy to do things after work! Whereas I would just go back home to sleep before. Another area has been my skin oooh yes, my favourite part – the dullness I had before has significantly reduced and been replaced instead by an internal glow. *Think Beyoncé and the twins except without the bump .

Probably my favourite effect of juicing -when all the good you’re doing starts showing on the outside.

I’m not very fussy about what I put in my nutriblast. When I used to juice I’d have to be careful with the balance of fruits to vegetables and even though I still try to maintain that now, it’s not as big a factor because you have to add water in the nutriblast anyway. However, I have tried a few recipes and found some that just hit the spot! I keep coming back to them over and over again because they are so good!

I thought it would good to incorporate this into the blog and share with you guys some of my favourite nutribullet  recipes every week. If you don’t have a nutribullet you could just use your blender/smoothie maker for this. Let’s get healthy together! 😀

1. The green monster

1 x Apple

1 x Carrot

1 x Celery stick

1 x handful Spinach

1 x cup blueberries

1 x Tablespoon Flax seed mix from Holland & Barrett

This is great for giving me energy and also revitalises my skin. Not to mention it’s quite delicious too and makes for a filling breakfast!

I look forward to sharing my next smoothie with you next week. What are some of your favourite smoothie/nutribullet recipes?

x MC

Alternative Valentine’s Day

Alternative Valentine’s Day

Wedding Dresses

Thought I would chime in on all the February love and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! In my own alternative way… this is probably as close as it gets to my Valentine’s look this year. I titled this post Alternative Valentine’s as I have no plans but to get into bed after work and sleep the night away!

However, in more active years I have enjoyed some wonderful solo Valentines. I recall once taking myself to a lovely restaurant in the West End and treating myself to a lovely glass of champagne and some fine Italian food. It was a wonderful experience and spending time on my own really taught me how to value my own company…maybe slightly too much :/ but that’s a topic for another day.

I also like to use the atmosphere of love to show my appreciation for those around me. Growing up, I made sure that I got my mum some flowers every year and treated her to a meal out. My friends and I also used the occasion to show our love for each other – sharing gifts and cards and our favourite chocolates. I’m hopeful that we will continue to cherish one another regardless of the future i.e. Everyone is getting into relationships and getting married !???? Anyway.

Another great way to spend Valentines solo is to do something for someone else. If you’re really feeling sorry for yourself and can’t seem to crawl out of your pity bubble then why not try being there for someone who needs you? I spent some time volunteering in local hospitals, nursing homes and hospices and it really does affect the way you perceive things. I really do recommend getting involved in giving back in some way just to keep yourself from falling victim to the ever-increasing vanities of this world.

Of course there are those who have got dates and romance all planed out with their significant others. True love is a wonderful and special thing so do appreciate and celebrate just having it without the pressure of material things or clichés that the world has made it become.

And for the rest of us, I hope we appreciate all the different forms of love in our lives that we are so blessed to experience. Let us enjoy this moment while we can for we never know what tomorrow holds.

And just incase you don’t hear it on the day – I love you! ❤️ Happy Valentines Day x MC

Winter Chills

Winter Chills

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John R. Wooden

Coat: Mango | Top: Topshop | Trousers: Mango | Boots: Mango | Head wrap: Mango

It has been a challenging few weeks to say the least. There is an atmosphere of ‘uncertainty’ in the air that has been quite prominent these last few weeks. Things are changing – globally, economically and personally for me, and honestly for the past few weeks I did not know how to deal with it.

I’m not the only one who has been affected by current global affairs – it feels like I am watching a horrible movie from the sidelines and there is nothing I can do to stop it. It has been the rudest awakening to the injustice and unfairness of this world. And along with some things that have been going on personally around me, I really began to lose hope in this world.

The thing with losing hope in the world, it forces you to look for meaning, for purpose, for something more. I mean, this surely can’t be it. So it was quite good for me in the end. Being vulnerable and realising that I have NOTHING in this world sent me on some deep soul searching and allowed me to reconnect spiritually, to seek and find purpose again and to refocus my hope on things not of this world.

So how do you stay motivated amidst times of turmoil? Well refocus first. Through seeking and re-establishing my purpose, I found it easier to get up every day and do what I had to do. When you realise how empty everything is – little acts of kindness and moments of happiness are much more noticeable than normal. A little smile from my best friend, a kiss on the cheek from my mum, positive feedback from my colleagues – all seemingly minor things, but each one offering a glimpse of hope, a sign that somehow through the darkness – there is still light, it is still possible. I can still do this.

So yea, I got very close to giving up this month and from speaking to a few people I can see that I’m not the only one. In reality we all have a death sentence and are going through the same cycle. We are all trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I would like to encourage anyone going through a difficult time that you will get through it. We all fall down at some point, but the most important thing is that you get back up again. Let us not worry too much about tomorrow or the future, but take it one day at a time. Things are tough yes, but so are you. And within you lies the strength, light and ability to achieve your God-given purpose. So please, don’t give up, keep on trying and keep on believing.

I leave you with one of my favourite bible verses for the week ahead:

“So don’t be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time.” Matthew 6:34 TLB

Love, MC x

Mama’s coat

Mama’s coat

8361 160kb

8424 160kb

8424 200kbMama’s coat cc: Catherine M C

This is an ode to my wonderful mother, whom in all her kindness saved me this faux fur coat from her youth. She used to wear it in Swedish winters, and now I wear it to get through the bitter Yorkshire winter. I am grateful for it and I am grateful for surviving yet another winter (I know we are only halfway through – positive affirmations are the only way forward).

How are you? I just want to share some goals for the site with you today. This year I would really like to pour more of myself into Metiyachique. I want to share different important aspects of my life with you – things that to me such as health (physical, spiritual and mental), fitness, beauty and more inspiration. I am going to be trying out some new things over the next weeks and would love any feedback you have on the extra posts coming your way!

In the meantime I would like to encourage you to keep on trying, to keep on hoping and to remember that you are destined to win. The ride of life is never smooth but rest assured that any storm you might be going through will pass and the sun will shine again. Keep on dreaming x MC

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