Perfection is exhausting

I used to be proud of being a perfectionist, but I don’t wanna do it anymore.

Perfectionism hides fear, for me it was a fear of being rejected or abandoned…again.

But I’ve decided that I want a divorce from it. Perfection can go to hell, and I can go to heaven where I belong. 😇

We just don’t fit into each other’s lives anymore, and I’m soooo happy without it.

So what if I’m not perfect?

So what if I make mistakes?

So what if I’m not always immaculate?

I am God’s child and he loves me no matter what! That means I don’t have to be chasing perfection, I can just be me 😊

So today I’m setting myself free from wanting to be this or that, and loving myself just as I am today.

Because Jesus chose me, I AM ENOUGH.

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  1. Willet

    Darling Metiya. This is amazing. we can’t be slaves to perfection or anything that enslaves us. We need to break free. Thank you.

    1. Metiya

      Thank you so much, love you! x

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