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I've been an avid juicer for a few years now. My hobby was ignited again last year after getting a nutribullet for Christmas! (Thanks mum)

I’ve been an avid juicer for a few years now. My hobby was ignited again last year after getting a nutribullet for Christmas! (Thanks mum)

I usually have two smoothies/juices a day using my nutribullet and I’ve seen some great changes in the way I feel and look! The first thing I noticed was probably my increase in energy. I suffer from SAD and can get quite low in winter months but starting my day off with a nutriblast has really helped my energy levels, I actually have energy to do things after work! Whereas I would just go back home to sleep before. Another area has been my skin oooh yes, my favourite part – the dullness I had before has significantly reduced and been replaced instead by an internal glow. *Think Beyoncé and the twins except without the bump .

Probably my favourite effect of juicing -when all the good you’re doing starts showing on the outside.

I’m not very fussy about what I put in my nutriblast. When I used to juice I’d have to be careful with the balance of fruits to vegetables and even though I still try to maintain that now, it’s not as big a factor because you have to add water in the nutriblast anyway. However, I have tried a few recipes and found some that just hit the spot! I keep coming back to them over and over again because they are so good!

I thought it would good to incorporate this into the blog and share with you guys some of my favourite nutribullet  recipes every week. If you don’t have a nutribullet you could just use your blender/smoothie maker for this. Let’s get healthy together! 😀

1. The green monster

1 x Apple

1 x Carrot

1 x Celery stick

1 x handful Spinach

1 x cup blueberries

1 x Tablespoon Flax seed mix from Holland & Barrett

This is great for giving me energy and also revitalises my skin. Not to mention it’s quite delicious too and makes for a filling breakfast!

I look forward to sharing my next smoothie with you next week. What are some of your favourite smoothie/nutribullet recipes?

x MC

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    1. Metiyachique

      Hey darling thank you for stopping by!???? glad you liked it – let me know how it goes x

  1. Officially obsessed with your Smoothie/Juice of the Week posts! What an awesome idea for weekly posts. I’m definitely trying this one first thing tomorrow morning.


    1. Metiyachique

      Hey girl thank you! I need to prepare the post today for this week! Did you try it? Let me know how it turns out! Xxx

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