September Baby
Regardless of the outcome, failure and success is your perception...

Regardless of the outcome, failure and success is your perception.









Top: Zara | Skirt: Mango | Dress: Instyledress | Jacket: Zara | Hair: Twist out on my natural hair

September is my favourite month. I get myself together and get ready to WORK. Success does not come by accident. Gather your thoughts, write down your plans, set your goals and get to work. Nobody else can do it for you and time waits for no man. Lets go!

PS: how y’all like my little top bun natural hair thingy? I did a twist out using TGIN and Shea Moisture leave in. Let me know if you want more hair details or natural hair related posts! x MC


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  1. Mariam Bashorun

    Really like the look and yes please do a tutorial on the bun! I would love to know how you did the fringe.

    1. Metiyachique

      Hey Mariam, thank you girl, it’s so simple I will do a pictorial of how I did it 🙂 xxx

    1. Metiyachique

      Thank you girl. Shoes and skirt are both from Mango! Xxx

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