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Dress: ZARA | Heels: ASOS | Hair: addcolo

Lately I have lost the ability to care. I don’t really care, and it feels great. I am here in the present and it’s great. It’s not perfect but it’s exactly where I need to be.  You know when you feel like everything around you is happening for a reason and it just doesn’t matter too much about the details?

A lot of the time we make it so complicated with all these things society says that we should achieve by a certain time. But really, in the grand context of life, does it matter? If everything was taken away from you right now, what would you miss the most?

I want to make it a point to spend more time appreciating the blessings I have. The wonderful people I am surrounded by and most of all, the life that runs through my body. I am going to start a gratitude exercise to ensure that I am consciously giving thanks daily. Every night before I go to bed, I will reflect on the top three things I am most grateful for in the day and say a prayer of thanks. I really hope you can join me in my journey of gratitude, even if you don’t pray or believe in anything. Focusing on blessings rather than problems helps me to stay positive and also hopeful, it keeps me believing that life is a beautiful things and everything will be alright 🙂

So today I am grateful for mistakes that became lessons, for closed windows that revealed open doors and for the wonderful person reading this! X MC


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