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Jumpsuit: Missguided

Today’s post is about believing in oneself. To be honest it as much for you as it is for me. Too often we find ourselves doubting our ability, questioning our purpose and failing to recognise our value. I just GOTTA let you know that you don’t EVER have to question yourself, you must never allow someone else or something to define your value. You are unique and special, nobody else can be you. And that is EVERYTHING.

One of the things that helps me to believe in myself, is knowing that I have a purpose in this life. I am here to fulfil a role that nobody else can, and with my own unique gifts I can help someone along the way. I believe that everyone has been given a gift no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, there is something that you do – whether its listening, giving, speaking, sharing, organising, writing, singing, dancing – it can be ANYTHING, but you do it better than the norm, and naturally so .

Growing up, most of the value I placed on myself was based on external things. So it was material things, like what I owned or how many certificates of education I had, or what people thought of me. But I learnt to strip all of that off, and embrace me just as I was without any of the world’s titles or opinions. Accepting me as I am and loving myself just as is, has helped me to develop self-worth and understand my true value. I believe that we are special because we were created that way. Not because of anything material or otherwise that is placed onto us.

The world tries to take away a lot of our self- worth, it gives us boxes and categories that we all should fit into. It says we all have to reach certain thresholds in order to be considered important or worthy. It says we have to look a certain way to be beautiful, achieve a certain grade to be smart, speak in a certain way or follow a particular order of living, but I say FORGET everybody else! YOU are already EVERYTHING you need to be, everything you want to be and only you can determine your worth.

You don’t have to prove sh*it to no-one except yourself. x MC


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