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Greetings to you. It’s just over three months since I last wrote about Courage. Today I write to you from the other side of Courage, the result of what happens when you take the leap of faith and dare to step into the unknown with no assurance of the outcome. Having taken time to go through that valley and come out the other side. My perspective has changed, so please allow me to reintroduce myself and my service to you.

The biggest fear for me when taking the leap of faith was losing myself in the process, which I think is a fear we all share when it comes to stepping into the unknown. But now that I have been through it, I realise that we don’t lose ourselves in the process of stepping into the unknown, we actually FIND our true selves when we strip away the comforts of familiarity and monotonous routine. And one thing the whole experience has reminded me of is that life is short. We can’t spend it afraid of rejection or failure. You must go for what truly sets your soul on fire, gets your heart and mind racing, and is aligned with your purpose for being.

Of course when it comes to purpose, many of us are still trying to figure out exactly what God put us on this earth to do. Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different things has been great for me in this sense, it’s true that the more you know, the more you realise what you don’t know. And that’s why even just trying to go for your dreams is never a waste of time – you always learn something.

So in the name of finding purpose and making the most of our gifts/talents with the little time we have on earth, I would like to introduce a new series for the blog: Metiya’s Chique Friends. Each week I’ll be sharing with you someone I know from a different career path to mine ranging from Stylists to Doctors to Models and many more. I’ll be asking each of them how they got to where they are now as well as any advice (almost as role models) for those wishing to pursue a similar path.

I’ve learnt that the biggest hindrance to achieving our dreams, is the fear of dreaming itself. I hope my guests can inspire us to see how everything is possible regardless of your background, gender, age or status. I know that seeing more black women or BAME leaders filling different spaces in society would have helped me a great deal in expanding the possibilities for my life. I just want us to remember how special we are and that ultimately No one is you and that is your power. Please tune in next weekend when I post my first guest on the blog!

If I haven’t reached out to you about this and you would like to be featured as a Guest blogger then please email me at

Love and Light x Metiya



IMG_1056 copy

Jumpsuit: Missguided

Today’s post is about believing in oneself. To be honest it as much for you as it is for me. Too often we find ourselves doubting our ability, questioning our purpose and failing to recognise our value. I just GOTTA let you know that you don’t EVER have to question yourself, you must never allow someone else or something to define your value. You are unique and special, nobody else can be you. And that is EVERYTHING.

One of the things that helps me to believe in myself, is knowing that I have a purpose in this life. I am here to fulfil a role that nobody else can, and with my own unique gifts I can help someone along the way. I believe that everyone has been given a gift no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, there is something that you do – whether its listening, giving, speaking, sharing, organising, writing, singing, dancing – it can be ANYTHING, but you do it better than the norm, and naturally so .

Growing up, most of the value I placed on myself was based on external things. So it was material things, like what I owned or how many certificates of education I had, or what people thought of me. But I learnt to strip all of that off, and embrace me just as I was without any of the world’s titles or opinions. Accepting me as I am and loving myself just as is, has helped me to develop self-worth and understand my true value. I believe that we are special because we were created that way. Not because of anything material or otherwise that is placed onto us.

The world tries to take away a lot of our self- worth, it gives us boxes and categories that we all should fit into. It says we all have to reach certain thresholds in order to be considered important or worthy. It says we have to look a certain way to be beautiful, achieve a certain grade to be smart, speak in a certain way or follow a particular order of living, but I say FORGET everybody else! YOU are already EVERYTHING you need to be, everything you want to be and only you can determine your worth.

You don’t have to prove sh*it to no-one except yourself. x MC


Chic In The City

Chic In The City

IMG_2254 copy

IMG_2268 copy

IMG_2299 copy

IMG_2307 copy

Top: Mango | Jeans: Zara | Heels: Topshop | Coat: Zara | Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

A throwback to when this oversized Zara coat was my best friend. My brother and I were browsing through the city of London snapping and chatting. I think I might take these jeans out for our lovely British summer. Who else is enjoying the wonderful rainstorms we’ve been having lately? *insert smile here*  Hoping for some more sunshine soon, but in the meantime let’s keep dancing in the rain! x MC 

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

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IMG_2427 copy

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IMG_2495 copy

Top: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Aldo

Sometimes we have visions of ourselves, of what we want our lives to be and the positions we want to be in. I think its great to have vision, to have a goal in mind or at least an idea of where you would like to be in the near or further future. The problem with me, was that I would get so focused on these goals; where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be, that I would find (and still do sometimes) myself living solely for those goals. Forgetting to live in the moment, to appreciate the now, to enjoy the journey.

Life has shown me that memories are made in the journey. That things barely go how we plan them, and that is perfect because I am already who I have always wanted to be, but the journey is what will reveal this to me. I now practice living in the moment, consciously making the decision to be present and to partake in it fully.

I think sometimes we want to control everything, we want things to happen as and when we feel they should. But life has shown me that things will happen anyway, everything I have been brought to has helped me prepare for where I went next. I no longer choose to focus on the times ahead, instead I choose to appreciate the present, to take in the blessing, to rejoice in the low times and be grateful for the now. I will do everyday what I have to do, and take it one step at a time. x MC

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