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8424 200kbMama’s coat cc: Catherine M C

This is an ode to my wonderful mother, whom in all her kindness saved me this faux fur coat from her youth. She used to wear it in Swedish winters, and now I wear it to get through the bitter Yorkshire winter. I am grateful for it and I am grateful for surviving yet another winter (I know we are only halfway through – positive affirmations are the only way forward).

How are you? I just want to share some goals for the site with you today. This year I would really like to pour more of myself into Metiyachique. I want to share different important aspects of my life with you – things that to me such as health (physical, spiritual and mental), fitness, beauty and more inspiration. I am going to be trying out some new things over the next weeks and would love any feedback you have on the extra posts coming your way!

In the meantime I would like to encourage you to keep on trying, to keep on hoping and to remember that you are destined to win. The ride of life is never smooth but rest assured that any storm you might be going through will pass and the sun will shine again. Keep on dreaming x MC

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