I would like you to remember too, that whatever you are going through, no matter how painful or difficult, it's all working together for your good. Every single thing is teaching you something that will utilise you with the tools - mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually that will enable you to achieve your destiny. Even as simple as one day helping someone going through a similar experience...

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I believe we all have a light within us. This bright light that was placed in each of us when we entered the earth. Warmth, happiness and even beauty radiate from this light within. I have also learnt that it is my responsibility to keep my light bright and alive...

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The only thing that stands between you and what you want is YOU. Lately I've been thinking about my attitude towards life, reflecting on thoughts that developed into actions that developed into regrets and turned into lessons...

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The world tries to take away a lot of our self- worth, it gives us boxes and categories that we all should fit into. It says we all have to reach certain thresholds in order to be considered important or worthy. It says we have to look a certain way to be beautiful, achieve a certain grade to be smart, speak in a certain way or follow a particular order of living, but I say FORGET everybody else!

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