My Camel Coat

My Camel Coat

I dreamt of this coat before I saw it. It remind’s me of Marilyn Monroe’s Camel Coat.


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Coat: Mango | Top: Zara from last post [here] | Heels: ASOS from last post [here]

My Mango camel coat is one of the most treasured items in my wardrobe right now. So much so that I thought it deserved it’s own post. I wanted a camel coat for ages, but I wanted it to be highly structured and well tailored. So I had been looking for a few years and actually given up before this beauty showed up!

It all started around 2012 with a photo I saw of Marilyn Monroe on the Grand Central train into London. She was wearing a camel coat with a heavy collar and it looked so divine and chic. I knew I had to find it no matter how long it took. The coat is from Mango (see their coats here) , I found it in Faro, Portugal at the end of last year and purchased it right there and then.

The coat is great for this season. It’s hot and cold, sunny one minute then cold and rainy the next, so I feel this coat can cover all bases as it doesn’t get me too hot but it prevents me freezing in the cold. Now is a great time to invest in a good coat, as we are heading into SS17 all the shops will be getting rid of their winter stock and putting them on sale so be the early bird with the sweetest deal. Do you also buy clothes before season? What is your favourite transition piece right now? Let me know in the comments and have a fabulous week! x MC


Spring Fling 

Spring Fling

Jacket: Zara | Top: Zara | Dress: Xdressy| Heels: ASOS | Scarf: Mango

It’s Spring! Time to dust off the puffer coat and get some lovely spring style clothes on. Okay I do know that it’s not officially spring yet, but the little bit of sun we had this week has got me SO hype! Yesssss! Time to get everything ready because it is going to be a good spring this year! I’m claiming it into existence.

This post will be short and sweet, just a little something to encourage you. It’s March already, we are three months into 2017 and nine months away from a whole new year. So what can happen in nine months?

Well, in nine months, you could have a child, change career, move countries, change your body, start a business or even travel the 7 continents of the world! I know a few people like me that set resolutions for the year. For me however,very little happened in January, so I pressed reset and started again in February, but it was very rocky. So now it’s March and naturally it seems like maybe I should just quit and forget it. Sometimes when you have been trying to do the same thing for a while, it’s so easy to convince yourself that maybe it’s just not possible and you should retire and just go along with life’s flow. But one thing I have learnt is that when it comes to making your dreams happen – it’s not about when you start it’s just about STARTING.

Spring brings a whole new opportunity to start afresh. It’s brighter and sunny and there is a new lease of life in the air! There is no better time to refresh some of the goals you might have set for the year than right now. Whatever it is you had planned to start this year, now is the time to pick it back up, dust off the old attempts and try again!

You could change your life in nine months, but nothing will happen until you make it happen. Don’t allow nine months to turn into eight, seven, six – then 2018 without doing anything about your dream. You have everything you need to begin now. So let us do this, we can do it, we will do it! x MC

February Blackbird

February Blackbird

Top: ZARA bodysuit | Dress: foxbride | Veil: bestweddingveil

Hi darlings, it’s February! It’s a new month, new hope and another chance to start again. I am grateful for getting through January, I think it will get easier from here guys. This is one of my favourite outfits – one of the few I actually bought at full price, but the top reminds me of something I saw my mum wearing in a photo from the 70’s, it’s just so classy! I think both items are now in the sales – I saw the skirt reduced in my local ZARA store how fricking annoying is that! so you might be in luck 🙂 Also with valentines round the corner… thought it might serve as inspo for those of you who have a date *ahem not I.

So, I was thinking about how different life is in summer vs winter, it honestly seems to have gotten worse over the years… I mean has it always been THIS difficult? Doubt it. (For those who don’t know, I suffer from SAD and can get quite low in winter- I talked about it here) But still I am reassured that things will get easier, life will get better and we will all reach a place of contentment.  (Also helped by Beyonce’s twin announcement! I mean did you see those photo’s and baby blu?! *emosh)

Today (Saturday 4th Jan 2017) was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and the sun was shining bright showing off the beauty of the green Yorkshire landscape. The birds were singing beautiful songs of praise in my garden that filled me with hope and energy. I felt that all my problems had a solution, I was free of them and filled instead with passion and love and excitement for life. I opened the door to take it all in while letting the sun rays dance on my face. I thanked the trees for the fresh air and praised God for the trees. And then, unexpectedly, with a feeling of content, I fell asleep.

I will not forget that moment though, because it was unique. How rare to feel so free and unbound by the limits of time or earthly constraints. When I awoke about 5 hours later, the feeling was gone. I was back to reality. I find it fascinating that a moment can mean so much. But we all have them, little moments we chose to hold on to or not – some are too painful to erase but others are too beautiful to forget. How sad that it is all reduced to a memory in your mind. And yet, at the same time – it’s a blessing to be able to recall our steps in old age. Because think about it, we lose everything in life, nothing here is made to last so the only thing we have are our memories. What power the memory has! And that brings us to today.

Today I realised the power of using your memory for your good. If memory is all we have to measure the past, then how we view it becomes equally as important. Now, I am very hard on myself – I tend to blame me for everything that has gone wrong in my life. And as noble/responsible that is, viewing so much from the angle that it was my fault can be quite damaging for the soul. I feel that if I was less harsh on my past results/actions/decisions and focused more on trying to understand WHY those things happened, life would be easier for me. It is tiring to constantly look at yourself from an angle of criticism, and I want to be able to view my past as a journey. Because that’s what it is and has been- a journey to my purpose. This is really a call to be kinder to self. Sometimes I don’t even realise I am thinking of myself negatively until my mum or brother or friend points it out. So I’m going to consciously tackle that this month. No more negative criticism!

I hope you can join me as I embark on a mentally positive and memorable February. I have made an affirmation to listen to what I tell myself and be mindful of the way I think about my journey. I’m only human, and so are you. We are not perfect, we’re just trying to get better everyday.

All my love and strength  x MC 

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