Mama’s coat

This is an ode to my wonderful mother, whom in all her kindness saved me this winter fur coat from her youth. She used to wear it in Swedish winters…

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I can already feel God pulling me towards a life of no fear and living fearlessly. Telling me that I can aim for more than just survival, like a lyric that sticks in my mind from Nicki Minaj “to live doesn’t mean you are alive”. And thats a fact.

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Happy New Year

It has been a wonderful year for me, that doesn’t mean that it was easy, it was downright tough at times. But when I look at how many bad situations turned into wonderful opportunities and all the things God brought me through – I cannot help but consider it a good year…

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See, I want to go into 2017 with a fresh chapter, a revived focus. And I will not wait for the world to give it to me, I’ll just give it to myself.

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Black Rose

I see my dream so clearly in my mind but when I try to touch it, it seems so unrealistic and far away. I liken it to a black rose, something that captivates one’s imagination. So rare to find, so mesmerising when found and yet quite painful to reach out and touch.

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