Coming Home

I’ve been talking about creating a store on the site for some of my African-print chitenge designs and it’s finally here! Introducing KWIMBO

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Discover your gifts

I set about finding my gifts, what was I naturally good at? How could I develop it and how could I use my gifts to find a fulfilling career? Here are five things I find useful in helping me identify my God-given gifts.

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Five Steps to a Happier Life

Just like Bradford, this post is about looking past the multiple layers of perception and finding true happiness within. The truth is we live in an imperfect world and it’s up to us to create our own happiness. Here are five things that are helping me along that journey…

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I believe we are all born knowing exactly what we want. But as we get older, we get more conditioned to be like everyone else. How much of ourselves do we let go to ‘fit’ into…

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Have you considered that who you are now, your desires, your dreams and wishes are linked to your purpose on earth? What would happen if you started to recognise and acknowledge those gifts as your unique guide map to life?

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