Sometimes it hurts to hear the truth. The one we so desperately need but can’t quite come to face ourselves. The truth that lets us know that we are not perfect and reminds us of how much work we still need to do on ourselves…

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Winter Natural Hair Care

Similar to skin, natural hair is much drier in the winter and requires some extra TLC. When it comes to moisture, I start from the very root of my hair regimen, by swapping lighter products for more nourishing and creamier formulas instead…

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Natural you

I feel like I have been gone for a while and I really missed blogging (it’s only been 10 days…) This is quite an exciting post for me – its one of my favourite shoots and I am excited to share some BIG news too!

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I cannot serve anyone to the best of my ability without first taking care of me. Initially, I felt some guilt about doing things just for me. But I have gained so much peace and self-knowledge through this process that I now see it as essential.

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To measure your value or judge your journey by comparing it to the person next to you is detrimental for your self-worth. We are all in this life journey together, and being able to respect someone else’s path without comparing it to your own is one of the biggest self-developments we can make.

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I want to make it a point to spend more time appreciating the blessings I have. The wonderful people I am surrounded by and most of all, the life that runs through my body. I am going to start a gratitude exercise to ensure that I am consciously giving thanks daily.

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