This November I made a choice to stop thinking and start doing. I threw out planning and focused on doing. I said what do I want? And decided to have it. Why am I not happy? What would make me happy? Things like...

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This is the thing about balance - you have to think of how your actions will impact your future, but not be afraid to live your life to the full in the present moment. But fear drives...

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This Black History Month, I want to celebrate everything that comes with being black. I want to remind you that you are magic just the way you are. So I am sharing words that uplift all month...

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Six quotes to empower and encourage you as my birthday countdown begins. "We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Oprah

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Me Myself & I

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This post is written in collaboration with The Children's Society. Their 2016 Good Childhood Report showed that there is a significant gap in happiness between boys and girls...

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I can already feel God pulling me towards a life of no fear and living fearlessly. Telling me that I can aim for more than just survival, like a lyric that sticks in my mind from Nicki Minaj "to live doesn't mean you are alive". And thats a fact.

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